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May 23, 2018



After Another Scandal, Legislature Required to Fill Attorney General Vacancy

This month, Albany was hit with yet another scandal when Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned only hours after it was reported that several women had made accusations that he had been physically abusive to them. While, as far as we know, the allegations are not related to his official duties, due to the seriousness of the claims a quick resignation was wholly appropriate and a full investigation needs to be undertaken. In the meantime, the question of who will replace Schneiderman has preoccupied Albany.

Bringing Better Healthcare To Underserved Counties

Across our state, there are rural communities that struggle to provide access to quality health care, due to the challenge of not attracting doctors, nurses and others in the medical field. Upon graduation, many medical professionals are reluctant to establish themselves in rural areas for several reasons, including large student loan debts and a lower salary than those in urban and suburban settings. In fact, according to the New York State Department of Health, 46 percent of the state’s health professional shortage areas fall in rural counties.

Depriving Youth Access To Target Sports is Nonsensical

A bill was recently put forward by a Manhattan lawmaker that, if passed and signed by the Governor, would do away with marksmanship, archery, and shooting programs in New York state schools. The bill would also ban gun safety classes on school grounds by prohibiting the use of firearms as part of the lesson. Under this proposal, highly successful programs and teams that positively impact thousands of kids each year would be eliminated.

National Health Rankings Are a Roadmap to Better Health

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin recently publicized the 2018 national annual county health rankings. The rankings provide a valuable tool for mapping the way to better health, as the publication is officially titled “County Health Rankings and the Roadmaps.” Many factors contribute to community health, including access to healthy foods, the average length of commute, exercise facilities, education, environment, health insurance, housing, jobs, medical care and more.

State of the County Without Blinders!

Chairman Broadwell gave a nice book report on the county. He gave us all the information obtainable by reading the County 2018 Budget and by reading our hometown media. Skirting around the issues is truly political. Praising department heads and telling taxpayers how fortunate they are. These are all political ploys to make the unfortunate taxpayer accept the way things are.

Remembering Those Who Serve During Military Appreciation Month

One of the most special days of my year is when the men and women of Fort Drum are able to visit the State Capitol for “10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum Day.” This year, that day was February 6. Holding this event on February 6 is unusually early compared to years past. We had to do that though, because Fort Drum’s Commanding General Major General Walter Piatt and many other 10th Mountain Division leaders were getting set to deploy to Iraq.

Laree’s Law Would Enhance Penalties for Drug Dealers

The heroin and opioid crisis has touched countless lives and ravaged families throughout the country. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 60,000 people died of a drug overdose in the U.S. in 2016, five times higher than in 1999. That number is roughly the same amount of people who live in a mid-sized city such as Utica.

To The Oswego Players:

To The Oswego Players: Last Sunday I attended your play, An Act of God. Its director, Paul McKinney, is a friend of mine and for the last few months I’d been hearing about his process of bringing the play to life. Paul shared with me the subject matter of An Act of God, the risks

Do You ‘Love’ Your State Park?

The month of April may have left you believing that summer is a long way off. Soon, hopefully, though, we will be able to start enjoying the outdoors, as well as the warm weather. In those travels, I hope you will be able to visit some of our local state parks.

Changing Site of State of County – Disrespectful!

Going back at least 20 years (maybe even as many as 200+ years) there has never been a State of the County Address given outside the Chambers of the Legislature. It is past protocol and historical which should mean something. Chairman Shane Broadwell has decided to scrap past protocol and history and move the State of the County Address to Oswego County CiTi in Mexico on Wednesday May 2.

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